Scoping, design and delivery of all
aspects of the sales process, from
prospecting to qualification and
negotiating techniques.We can deliver
sales programmes for new sales teams
and experienced sales teams alike.
Workshops can be designed and run as
a 1-day intensive course focussing on a
specific area or as a longer programme
covering all aspects of the sales process
– the choice is yours.The following are
examples of some of the programmes
we can offer:
Sales Programmes
_ Effective Prospecting
_ Enquiry Management
_ Qualification and Presenting the Product
_ Advanced Negotiation and Closing
_ Essential Sales Skills
_ Managing Customer Relationships
Giving managers the tools to manage
not only their teams, but themselves –
managers need to be ever evolving
and adapting to the needs of business
but also need to manage up, keeping
key stakeholders in their organisation
happy. The following are examples of
some of the programmes we can offer:
Management Programmes
_ Effective Change
_ Managing Conflict
_ Recruitment and Selection
_ Effective Coaching Skills
_ Time and Self-Management
_ Building High Performing Teams
Changing habits and behaviours is a
hard thing to do; we are creatures of
habit.We have designed and delivered
many workshops which are aimed at
driving behavioural change, some
examples of which are below:
Behavioural Learning
_ Advanced Customer Handling
_ Advanced Communication Skills
_ Assertiveness at Work
_ Soft Skills Training
_ Excellence in Customer Service
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